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Hospital Freudenstadt

Heliport Freudenstadt Hospital

The heliport is approved for ambulance and rescue service helicopter traffic  as well as for civil defense purposes. 

The counties Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg, Offenburg, Konstanz and Tübingen are located within the operational range.
Freudenstadt Heliport
  • Geographical coordinates: N 48° 28.36 E 08° 24.16
  • Elevation: 766.7 m / 2515 ft
  • Heliport category: H1
  • Max operation mass: 6 t MPM
  • Night operation thanks to lighting system
Performance by DeWiTec
  • New installation of heliport on the roof of the parking garage
  • Delivery and installation of heliport lighting and equipment
  • Obstruction lights, beacon, wind direction indicator
  • Control- and monitoring system DMS 2000
A rescue helicopter takes off whenever it can take an emergency doctor faster to the required location than an ambulance within a 50 km radius.
Helicopters equipped for intensive care transport are used for the rapid and convenient transport of ICU patients between hospitals, and the transport of medical teams, organs, blood and medicines.
Source (translated): KLForum Ausgabe 1/10


Products used

Complete equipment despite small dimensions - the compact rescue cabinet is small enough to fit into every control room and hangar.  ...
The display of wind measurements, such as speed and direction requires a clear and concise presentation, especially in difficult or rapidly changing...
DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
the DWt-WA Wind Direction Indicator can be installed optimally in the visual field of all approaching and departing pilots due to its many mounting...
Halogen Strahler Hubschrauberlandeplatz
The halogen floodlight DWT-HS evenly illuminates the helideck.   Aluminum diecast Axially symmetrical aluminum reflector a Heat-...