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Measurement of PAPI

Fast and reliable measurement


  • Regular measurements prevent from total blackouts
  • Trailer is in configuration for elevated lights: Measurement box rotated and embedded by 90 ° to the left a Static measurement
  • Exact photometric results for each lamp
  • It takes only 15 minutes to measure a full PAPI system


DALMAS measures the complete light beam.


  • Separated results for red and white due to special measurement method
  • The laser lines provide guidance to the driver: In the front module you can see the projector via the camera installed in the rack
  • To obtain the most accurate results, the other two parts of the projector are covered


FAA Advisory Circular 150/5340-26B


  • According to FAA (and ICAO) the light distribution shown at the right side has to be achieved
  • In operation, not more than one lamp per unit out of service
  • The complete light beam has to be measured