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Maintenance of Heliports

Regular monitoring and operational system tests guarantee operational safety is maintained.
Our employees use a fleet of modern, specially equipped vehicles so that all on-site servicing work can be carried out within a short time.
24h Service
During operations and in case of any unforeseen incidents, you can rely on our service team at all times.
Regular maintenance work can be integrated in normal operations and downtimes are minimized.
A typical heliport maintenance service includes the following services:

  • Inspection of switchgear, including insulation measurement and loop resistance measurements for each circuit
  • Maintenance of inset lights according to manufacturer’s instructions: disassembling from shallow base, cleaning gaskets and shallow base, treating screws with anti-corrosion agents, cleaning optics
  • Inspection and cleaning airfield lamps and beacons
  • Renewal of windsock sleeve
  • Renewal of defective bulbs
  • Functional test of the entire plant Documentation


Of course, the service is adapted to the local systems and facilities