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Controlled and Monitored Systems

Controlled and Monitored Systems
  • Controlled and Monitored Systems
  • Controlled and Monitored Systems
  • GPS Synchronisation
  • GSM Monitoring Obstruction Light

Obstruction lighting systems are used to protect the operation of aviation.

Obstruction lightings systems must guarantee an error-free operation in accordance with the applicable rules. That is why control and monitoring systems are indispensable. Especially in complex systems, a visual assessment of the system status is not possible.


I Uninterruptible Power Supply

II GSM Cell Phone

III GPS Synchronisation



I Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply and switching to emergency power systems can be integrated into the controllers.


Solutions for Remote Control and Monitoring
The control and monitoring systems by DeWiTec include standard solutions for particular obstacle lights as well as individual and project related configurations for the realization of complex systems such as for cranes, chimneys, cooling and radio towers, tall buildings and wind turbines.


Supervised is the operation of obstruction lights, switching to replacement lamps, line breaks or power failures. In accordance to the events, appropriate error / fault messages are passed.



II GSM Monitoring
Monitoring, Control & Alarm System via Cell-Phone


Various interfaces enable our systems to be connected with the existing building technology or location-independet transmitted over the cellular network (GSM). For synchronization of larger systems a GPS-based system can be used.


GSM Monitoring Obstruction Light



  • Reports pre-programmed alarm conditions to designated cell-phone numbers and email addresses
  • Remote control of light settings
  • Internally integrated system available with a range of lights to maintain IP68 waterproof rating
  • Access lantern diagnostics remotely - anytime, anywhere via SMS text message
  • Low cost monitoring


Additional Features Solar Powered Lights

  • Monitor light status using any cell-phone or Avlite’s secure website user-portal login
  • Flexibility of user-setup
  • Web server setup enables ease of access to lantern diagnostics and historical data via the web
  • Trend analysis of historical data enables proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Light responds only to authorised users


A selection of DeWiTec lights are available with GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring.
This is a cost effective option giving operators remote control over flash
code and intensity settings as well as other features for GSM-enabled lights. The system can also be configured to send out alarm SMS text messages to designated cell-phone numbers. Users can also have alarms and reports sent to designated email addresses.

The GSM Monitoring System is a completely integrated module, designed to allow convenient monitoring of obstruction lights using a cell-phone, email and web access (for solar powered ligfrom remote locations. Each light is fitted with its own SIM card, which provides a designated cell-phone contact number for each individual light. Any network operator can be used providing they have GSM coverage.

To access the light’s diagnostics, the user simply sends the light an SMS text message command, and then receives an auto-reply SMS text message outlining the details. In addition, this information is accessible via a secure user-login portal area of the Avlite website and can also be set up to report to specified email addresses. Immediate information about your installation can be viewed in an easy-to-read PC interface. Historical data about each individual light over the period of its service life is also available from the website.



Monitoring Conditions

  • Battery voltage
  • Solar module charging current
  • Light current draw
  • Light position - Latitude and Longitude (if GPS fitted)
  • Day/night on status
  • Current flash setting


Control Features

  • Flash setting
  • Intensity setting
  • ON/OFF


Available Pre-set Alarms

  • Low battery voltage
  • No GPS data (available when GPS fitted)



III GPS Synchronisation



  • Longer range flash synchronisation via GPS satellites
  • No limitation on distance or objects between lights
  • Each light operates independently - no operator intervention required
  • Internal GPS module with no external components required, maintaining IP68 waterproof rating of the light
  • Ease of installation
  • Lights set to the same flash pattern will come into synchronisation


The lights utilize the latest advancements in GPS technology to develop a synchronisation system that can be incorporated into various lights. The lights are fitted with an internally integrated GPS module and, using overhead satellites, multiple lights set to the same flash pattern will flash in unison. Using this system, lights can flash in synchronisation without distance or line of sight limitations.
GPS systems provides users with the ability to clearly mark obstructions, perimeters, oil platforms or general boundaries.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver is housed within or outside of the light. No additional power supplies, aerials or control systems are required for operation. It is microprocessor-based and has been designed to provide maximum reliability and performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.
Using GPS satellites, multiple lights set to the same flash pattern will synchronise automatically.


How does GPS Synchronisation work?
Synchronisation is achieved using an internal algorithm based on the highly accurate time data received from the satellites. At power-up, the microprocessor checks that the internal GPS module is programmed correctly and is able to provide valid time base and time data.
During daylight the light will switch off the GPS to reduce power consumption.


All features depend on individual product configuration. DeWitec can advise you.