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System Components

Front-end module
Cryonom is operated by the user in a clear structured area via control and operator module. This is done with four push-buttons.


Cleaning rack including jet nozzle
The cleaning rack is customized to your vehicle. It is on the left of the driver‘s cabin. Among others, a jet nozzle is attached to it.


Compressor & dry ice machine
A special compressor supplies the system with compressed air. DeWiTec will explain the technical details. The dry ice machine provides the mixture of compressed air and dry ice from the machine.


Transport box
The dry ice is transported in a special thermically insulated transport box.


Integration of the components
All components are connected with each other and adapted to the cleaning vehicle. Our experience and know-how offer the best solution to your application! The equipment for your vehicle is part of our offer.


Complete System
As soon as you choose a complete system, we offer you the following:


Our employees will supply all important Cryonom cleaning information during a one-hour training. By request, we can perform this training on your premises or at another airport. This is how you can learn more about the system functionality under real conditions and can operate it by yourself.


Selection & adaptation of the cleaning vehicle
On request, DeWiTec will help you choose a suitable cleaning vehicle and will adapt it to Cryonom for you. This could be a new vehicle or a vehicle from your car pool. Of course, we will consider your personal wishes and demands, so that the vehicle can e.g. also be implemented in other areas.


User manual & documentation
You will receive a detailed documentation on the functions of the Cryonom cleaning system. This is how, even after a long time, set up and downgrade will always stay easy and without problems. If you should still have questions, we would be glad to help you personally.