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Installation of Obstruction Lights

Obstruction lights are used to identify hazards to aviation operations. Especially under adverse weather conditions, pilots must rely on obstruction lighting systems functioning correctly.

Installation of obstruction lighting systems
The specific requirements for the aviation sector require a full understanding of the functions and regulations. Taking these demands for quality, precision and reliability into account means installations are carried out precisely and correctly.

Working at great heights
All our technical employees have the necessary training to work at great heights, use personal protective equipment including fall protection and rescue equipment and also possess the necessary medical fitness certificates according to G41.

Know-how and internal training
Our expertise and years of experience in heliport equipment guarantee the proper and economical installation of the components. In accordance with our demands for quality, performance and cost-consciousness the jobs are executed efficiently and precisely. Our motivated team, experienced electrical engineering technicians, certified service technicians and skilled installers are continually kept up-to-date with regard to the functions of new products, technologies and regulations.


During the installation phase we give special attention to carrying out our jobs in accordance with DIN VDE 0100, DIN EN 60439-1 (PTTA) BGVA2 (formerly VBG 4), ICAO Annex 14, and the German general administrative provisions for the marking of aviation obstacles in the currently valid version of 02.09.2004 acc. NFL I-143/07