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Heliport Equipment

Heliports are infrastructure facilities providing maximum flexibility for traveling and transportation by air. Only fully equipped airfields can also provide maximum safety for both helicopter crews and passengers. DeWiTec offers you state-of-the-art products that have proved their reliability at installations for many years.


Rooftop Heliports
Rooftop heliports are space-saving constructions on top of buildings such as hotels, hospitals and skyscrapers. Enhanced comfort and functionality are combined with increased safety during the approach and departure phases.


Helipads on Offshore Platforms
Lighting systems at helipads on offshore platforms are subject to special requirements such as resistance against harsh environment influences.


Surface-Level Heliports
Surface-level heliports are often combined with helicopter bases containing gas stations, maintenance service and hangars.


Helidecks on Yachts / Cruise liners
Yachts and cruise liners with integrated helipads allow maximum flexibility for passengers and crew alike. To ensure safe flight operations, the pilots need lighting systems to assist them during the approach.