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Range of Application

Freezing Rain: 2-3 times longer holdover time
Before water can freeze on top of the airport operating surfaces, AºDºE  JET blows it away. If a deicing agent is then sprayed on top of the dry surface, it will stay 2 - 3 times longer effective. This saves deicing agents and improves the runway availability. A residue-free removal of snow and ice allows easy-going working. It achieves here a range of action of 25 m at a speed of 35 km/h.


Freeing of runway lightings that are stuck in snow: Less snow and ice control damages
Especially under unusual meteorological conditions a safe and reliable traffic guidance is very important. In order to keep your lighting system clearly visible and free of snow, the AºDºE  JET Turbine can also be used to blow overground runway lightings free. When used properly, less damages occur than in case of clearing snow. The recommended speed is 5 km/h. Furthermore, runway inset lights are less often damaged by shovels that have been adjusted too low.


Ice sheets: Use operating surfaces immediately
Till now, the removal of ice from runways has been a time-consuming matter, which not only required a lot of deicing agents, but also a high number of personnel. The AºDºE  JET 2 Snow & Ice Remover removes at walking speed up to 8 -10 cm thick ice sheets. at a width of 2 - 5 m. By combining both turbines, optimal results are achieved: One turbine loosens the ice sheet, so that the other one can blow it away. Your operating zones are immediately ready for use again!


Wet snow: More effective clearing of snow
If the AºDºE  JET is used behind a group of snow plow trucks and sweepers/blowers, then it optimally removes remaining snow slush, which is particularly hard to remove mechanically from grooved runways. Here it achieves a range of action of 20 m at a speed of 35 km/h.