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Background Information

Operational influences such as contamination with rubber abrasion are one of the main reasons for reduced light intensity of optical taxiway and runway aids. This leads to a shorter material life and, in the worst case, your lighting system could no longer fulfill the requirements according to ICAO.


Cryonom is a special system to clean optical taxiways and runways at airports. DeWiTec has developed and tested this system based on dry ice.


For this application, DeWiTec has customized parameters that guarantee optimal cleaning results.


  • Before cleaning: Reduced light intensity of the lighting device due to rubber abrasion
  • During cleaning: Residue-free removal of dirt
  • After cleaning: Maximum light intensity with a cleaned prism


Complete System / Service:

Order Cryonom separately or cryonom in combination with dalmas® as a service.


More information on the two options is given on the following pages. We would be glad to inform you personally!