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Maintenance of Airfield Lighting Systems

Regular inspections and system test of all components are essential for the sustainment of functionality and reliability.


Our staff has access to a modern fleet of vehicles that are specially equipped for service deployments so that all work can be done within a short time frame.


24h Service
During operations and in case of any unforeseen incidents, you can rely on our service team at all times. Regular maintenance work can be integrated in normal operations and downtimes are minimized.


We deliver tailored service packages for the various fields at the local facilities:

  • Maintenance of the entire lighting system including:
  • Maintenance of runway lights
  • Maintenance of taxiway lights
  • Maintenance of apron illumination
  • Maintenance of obstacle lighting systems
  • Maintenance of taxiway signs incl. cleaning and changing defective bulbs, optics, gaskets and shallow bases / frangible couplings
  • Maintenance / overhaul of airport identification lights ('beacon')
  • Maintenance of substations and series circuits
  • Review of the switch gears including insulation and loop resistance measurement for each circuit
  • Cleaning switch gears and systems
  • Adjustment of constant current regulators
  • Review in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 part 610 and regulations of the professional associations
  • Maintenance of power systems
  • Review of handheld devices in accordance with DIN VDE 0701 and 0702 


Of course, the service is always adapted to the local systems and facilities.