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Functional Principle

Air at a velocity of 420 m/s
...quickly blows away snow, ice, water and slush. The heat effect of the jet supports the effect of the blower at a percentage of approximately 30 %. If the vehicle is stopped, then the turbine can be brought into a horizontal position so that surfaces will not be damaged in case of longer exposure. In normal operation and at a speed of at least 2 km/h, no damages occur at the surfaces, markings, parts of the lighting system and the like. In the horizontal position, the turbine can run more than 15 minutes at maximum load without the ground surface being damaged.


The AºDºE  JET Snow & Ice Remover is a deicing machine based on aviation turbines, which effectively and reliably removes all sorts of deposits from your runways. The required fuel, kerosene, is available at all airports and is transported within a tank on the vehicle. Quick mounting on standard trucks such as „Unimog“, „Mercedes Actros“, „Volvo“ or similar models with hydraulically adjustable front plates according to DIN 70606. If you don‘t have your own vehicle, let us recommend you one that is suitable for the AºDºE  JET.


12 -15 degree angle of incidence

...provide an optimal result - without restrictions. A noise of 61 dB (A) can be measured at a distance of 300 m from the AºDºE  JET 2 Snow & Ice Remover. At maximum load it increases to 82 dB (A). For comparison, a starting Boeing 737 reaches 86,4 dB (A). At maximum load a turbine uses 650 liters of kerosin.