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Cryonom Cleaning of Insetlights

Does your lighting system still conform to ICAO, if the prisms are dirty?

Cleaning with Cryonom will lead to a clean surface and to a maximum light yield of the lighting device - guaranteed.


DeWiTec can check your taxiway and runway aids with the mobile analysis system DALMAS®. We would be glad to give you detailed information. Contact us!


Don‘t have much time on your runways?
Cryonom cleans up to ten times more quickly than common cleaning methods. Are there special occasions, on which the runways have to be quickly ready and without delay.


A lot of flight movements and a continuous usage of the runways make it necessary to effectively use the time available. A quick clearance of the runway cannot be guaranteed, if groups of cleaning staff members are standing on the runway.


Do you place value on a gentle cleaning?

Cryonom does not damage prisms or seals. Regular cleaning with Cryonom even increase the life of the prisms. Cryonom is also eco-friendly: It doesn‘t leave any residues from cleaning agents.


The most commonly used agents do not solve the problem, but oftenly increase them. Sensitive surfaces (prisms) as well as seals are not protected and electronic components or electrical parts within the lighting devices can be flooded and destroyed. And in case of frost, a water-based cleaning is impossible.


Have you ever cleaned a complete CAT II / III lighting system in only one night?

With Cryonom you will be able to! This keeps your head clear - and your staff free - for more important things. Cleaning covers all inset lights of the runway centerline, touchdown zone, threshold, runway end, stopbars, red side row and approach.


You rather prefer to clean by day? No problem, Cryonom allows you to clean twenty-four-seven.


It‘s time-consuming to clean a large lighting system by hand. If nothing else, this can cause quite a headache, when planning assignments. The staff will be stressed by night shifts over a long period of time.


Do you only have a limited number of staff members available?

Only one person needs to operate Cryonom during the cleaning procedure. The cleaning procedure is electronically controlled. Two persons are only necessary for assembly and disassembly. The work and time-intensive cleaning procedure depends on the availability of the staff, which often is needed for more important projects.


Would you like to protect yourself against detergents that are dangerous to your health?

The staff will be sitting safe in the driver‘s cabin during the cleaning process. Cryonom will clean fully automatically and on its own. That‘s why it is possible to clean at night and at low temperatures without harming someones health or causing contamination. Common cleaning procedures often require ergonomically unfavorable working positions for the employees, in combination with exposure to dangerous chemicals .


Have you answered more than one question with „yes“?

Then read more about the Cryonom cleaning system on the following pages!