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Product Options

  • External-On-Off-Switch
  • Extenal Charge Port
  • Momentary Button Taxiway Light
  • IR-Controller

Solar powered lights offer various options to adapt them to any application. These options may be selected on the individual product pages. 


External Charge Port



The external charge port enables the connection with a SolarBooster for increased charge current. For maintenance or long-term storage, a charger can be connected to the battery.


External On-/Off-Switch



The robust On-/Off-Switch can control the lights operation mode. If the light is switched on and equipped with an automatic twilight switch, the light will beginn operation at the defined brightness value. The switch is reasonable for applications, when lights shall be used temporary and therefore stored between operations. Thus, the battery´s life expectancy will be obtained.


Momentary Button



The light´s operational mode (ON / OFF and intensity) can be easily selected via the push button.





Several lights DWT-AV-410 which are equipped with a GPS-module and set to the same flash pattern will synchronise. Hence, noticeability of complex obstacles / groub of obstacles are better displayed.


IR-Controller (Supply)



The IR-Controller offers the possibility to adjust for example flash patterns and intensities.