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Increased Service Efficiency

Complete Maintenance Cycle


  • Visual landing guidances are the most important aid during the approach of an airplane once the DH has been reached – especially during low visibility procedures.
  • The ICAO has defined properties, target values and KO criteria for every type of lighting.
  • DALMAS is the perfect tool for inspecting the ICAO limit values in an economical manner.
  • The maintenance department makes their decisions according to the DALMAS data and can make repairs in the shortest possible time.


Measurement with DALMAS


  • Data analysis
  • Preparing maintenance action
  • Generating a legal test certificate
  • Targeted maintenance actions carried out by DeWiTec GmbH or on your own
  • Optimized performance of airfield lighting system
  • Analysis of lighting errors


Prevent of total losses


Regular photometric analysis of airfield lighting increases maintenance effectiveness.


  • With every touchdown, an airplane leaves something behind: For example, a Boeing 747 deposits up to 20 lbs (2 kg) of rubber with each landing. This rubber burns into the hot light prisms of the inpavement lights of the runway. Everyone is probably familiar with the smell of burned rubber that occurs after touchdown.
  • During takeoff, the TDZ, RCL and THR/RWE lights are subjected to jet blasts of up to several hundred km/h.
  • In winter, snow removal also places a heavy load on the in-pavement lights: The glycol contained in deicing substances attacks the prism surfaces and makes them dull. The high surface temperature of the lights causes the water component to evaporate while the glycol remains.
  • There are no lighting systems that are able to retain the same light intensity throughout their entire service life.
  • And regardless of airport traffic, atmospheric pollution is the enemy of every light surface.


DALMAS helps you to avoid total losses of lights and helps to reduce costs by detecting problems at an early stage.


DALMAS helps you to comply with all safety standards. Economical and objective monitoring of ICAO-ISO-Candela diagram for installed lights.