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Specialized in airfield lighting systems, DeWiTec establishes entire helipads on ships, cruise-liners and offshore-rigs.


Lighting systems on offshore platforms and vessels are of significant importance for the approaching pilots, because in most cases it is the only available system for the pilots to rely on. Especially during nighttime operation, topological references can not be used directly. The constructions are subject to extreme influences by environmental factors and operation conditions.


For installation in explosion protected areas DeWiTec offers adapted solutions.


Helidecks on offshore platforms are preferably designed as metal constructions. Moreover, aluminum platforms can be equipped with an optional electrical trace heating to allow safe operation even in winter, when temperatures falls below the freezing point.


The range of products, selected for the offshore field is based on special performance in the areas of corrosion resistance, leak tightness and reliability.


From selecting the components according to the special environmental and operational requirements to delivery and installation on site, we offer our turnkey-solutions.