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Complete Systems

One-man operation & training

...guarantees freedom of resources for other tasks. Employee training is performed on site - your employees will know everything about the operation after one hour. After our demonstration, we of course allow you enough time to ask questions and operate the system yourself.



...and maintenance work are included by contract. They are performed on site by our specialists. If performed at the appropriate intervals, the AºDºE  JET will always be reliably available to you.


Complete system
The AºDºE  JET Snow & Ice Remover complete system includes:


  • Optionally one or two turbines with a frame for mounting onto the front plate of the vehicle:


AºDºE  JET 2:


  • Independently from each other, the two turbines can be moved continuously around three axes:
  • The crossbeams can be extended hydraulically up to a width of 13 m
  • The rotating movement of the turbines is limited, so that the blower can only be moved into the opposite driving direction and the jet is at all times within the viewing range of the driver
  • Swiveling into a horizontal position makes longer waiting and standing times possible without damaging the underground. At lowest position and at walking speed, the surfaces also remain intact
  • The entire power control system including display of rotational speed and exhaust gas temperature of the turbine(s) as well as the possibility to safely shutdown the system from the inside and outside


Optional upgrading of a suitable vehicle by:


  • Fuel tank
  • Strobe lights and lighting devices
  • Air-tight sealed driver‘s cabin including a ventilation system that pressurizes the cabin and carbon-monoxide alarm devices to prevent the driver from being exposed to exhaust gases
  • Aircraft radio and operating radio devices