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LED Wind Display

  • LED-Windanzeiger
  • LED-Windanzeiger

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Displaying wind information for ground crew


The display of wind measurements, such as speed and direction requires a clear and concise presentation, especially in difficult or rapidly changing light conditions. Accurate readings, even from a distance, must be ensured.


  • Accurate presentation of wind direction and wind speed
  • Compact design
  • Clearly structured display
  • Information accurate to the second


The LED wind indicator meets the requirements convincingly by the use of multi-colored LEDs:

The wind direction is displayed on LEDs arranged in a circle, whereby the actual direction is indicated by a red, and the variation indicated by green LEDs.

The wind speed is displayed in the center of the ring direction with large red digital numbers (15 mm high). For different applications we offer different versions, which are, for example, equipped with additional displays for minimum and maximum values.


As unit of measurement m / s, knots, km / h or Beaufort can be selected. Switching to the desired parameters and adjusting the brightness can be easily carried out on the front panel of the display device.
A compact design in a rugged housing and built-in self-control guarantee reliable operation. The LED wind indicator is directly related to wind speed and wind direction sensors via connectors.

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