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Hospital Cologne-Merheim

Hospital Cologne-Merheim
  • Hospital Cologne-Merheim
  • Hospital Cologne-Merheim
  • Hospital Cologne-Merheim
  • Hospital Cologne-Merheim

The new rooftop helipad is equipped with a new lighting system based on LED strips. The Helipad LIS information system provides weather information automatically to all approaching helicopters and ground crew.


The Cologne-Merheim hospital is mainly approached by the rescue helicopters Christoph Rheinland and Christoph 3. The heliport is approved for visual flight operation during the day (VFR) and at night (NVFR).


Heliport Cologne-Merheim


  • Geographical Coordinates: N 50° 56,18 E 007° 03,14
  • Heliport category: H1
  • Maximum take-off mass: 6 t
  • Departure Direction: 015 degrees
  • Approach Direction: 195 degrees


The new building provides five operating rooms, 108 beds and approx. 16000 m2 of space. The helipad is installed on the roof of the new building and thus fulfills all requirements for obstacle clearance in the approach and departure sector. The take-off area (TLOF) is 19.5 x 19.5 m. It complies with the FATO.


The edge lighting is implemented using green LED-strip-based lighting (DWT-Instalight 1060). The LED Hazard Beacon (DWT-OBS LED AOL 303.2006 B) is switched on automatically as soon as the emergency power supply of the hospital is switched on. The approach lights are installed as elevated lights (DWT- LODO LED MK II) in the approach axis (015°/195°).

Products used

Complete equipment despite small dimensions - the compact rescue cabinet is small enough to fit into every control room and hangar.  ...
The display of wind measurements, such as speed and direction requires a clear and concise presentation, especially in difficult or rapidly changing...
DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
the DWt-WA Wind Direction Indicator can be installed optimally in the visual field of all approaching and departing pilots due to its many mounting...
Control Touch Panel
The Control Touch Panel visualizes the current switching status of the lighting system and provides interactive controls for all operating functions...