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County Hospital Siegen

Heliport County Hospital Siegen
  • Heliport County Hospital Siegen
  • Heliport County Hospital Siegen
  • Heliport County Hospital Siegen
  • Heliport County Hospital Siegen

The helicopter Christophorus 25 of Germany‘s ADAC air rescue service and other rescue helipocters approach the heliport from the south-west and leave the hospital to the north-east.

Planned flights take place between 6 am and 10 pm. Flights are also possible during dawn and dusk in emergencies, such as for organ transplants.
As soon as the helicopter has arrived on the helideck, which is located on a parking block, the patient is brought to the emergency department through a ready for its next mission.
Prof. Dr. Martin Grond, Medical Director: “We are the perfect emergency hospital.“
The heliport improves emergency treatment for patients - due to its modern and reliable system components like the lighting of the approach and lift-off area, also in darkness and bad weather conditions.
Christophorus 25
Christophorus 25 can rely on state-of-the art equipment during approach and touch down at Siegen county hospital.
Its heliport complies with the latest European air traffic laws. All installed products are compliant to ICAO recommendations.
Modern LED technology guarantees low operatio- nal and maintenance costs.
DeWiTec GmbH services
Complete electrical supply for the airfield equipment
Delivery, installation and commissioning of Approach- and Touch Down / Lift-Off Area Lighting, obstacle warning lights and the other listed components.
Wind Direction Indicator
Two wind direction indicators are installed at the heliport to provide all required wind information to the approaching and departing pilots - in both directions.
The LED display informs the ground crew quickly and reliably.

Products used

Complete equipment despite small dimensions - the compact rescue cabinet is small enough to fit into every control room and hangar.  ...
DWT-HLB LED 1B LED Heliport Beacon
The LEDs are operated with only one part of the rated current. Thus the required light intensity is guaranteed for a period of more than 100,000...
The display of wind measurements, such as speed and direction requires a clear and concise presentation, especially in difficult or rapidly changing...
Thanks to the long life of LEDs, maintenance requirements are reduced significantly and the safety of the heliport operations is increased...