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Bielefeld Air Rescue Base

Bielefeld Air Rescue Base
  • Bielefeld Air Rescue Base
  • Bielefeld Air Rescue Base
  • Bielefeld Air Rescue Base
  • Bielefeld Air Rescue Base

The base station for the Christophorus 13 (Type EC 135) rescue helicopter at Bielefeld county hospital, was completely modernized in 2009 - including the landing surface and lighting- and illumination system.

In the focus were the trees near the flight routes of approach and departure: They are illuminated by thirteen powerfull halogen floodlights (DWT-HS 1000), so that pilots can also operate safely in darkness.
Six approach lights (DWT-LODO LED MK II) mark the exact directions for approach and departure.
The crew obtain comprehensive weather information before every shift and flight from clear, easy to read instruments in the air rescue center.
Images kindly provided by Mr Thorsten Sieg, Ltd. HCM Christoph 13, OBM Fire Departement Bielefeld


Products used

The display of wind measurements, such as speed and direction requires a clear and concise presentation, especially in difficult or rapidly changing...
DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
the DWt-WA Wind Direction Indicator can be installed optimally in the visual field of all approaching and departing pilots due to its many mounting...
Control Touch Panel
The Control Touch Panel visualizes the current switching status of the lighting system and provides interactive controls for all operating functions...
Halogen Strahler Hubschrauberlandeplatz
The halogen floodlight DWT-HS evenly illuminates the helideck.   Aluminum diecast Axially symmetrical aluminum reflector a Heat-...