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Created on: 23.09.2015
With the focus on innovative new products, we present you new solutions for  Intelligent Systems Control and Monitoring.   DWT-OBS-LED-SP...
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Created on: 29.03.2015
The new heliport floodlight DWT-Instalight 1065 is successor of the successful DWT-Instalight 1050. The new modell is available in 920 mm or 500 mm versions...
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Created on: 11.03.2014
Heliport Augsburg TLOF
The new constructed rooftop heliport at Augsburg Hospital is the new base vor rescue helicopter Christoph 40. With an elevation of 58 meter above ground it is...
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Created on: 11.02.2014
GSM Monitoring System now available for Avlite's ICAO Low Intensity Obstruction Light Type A (LIOLA) fixture.   The GSM Monitoring System is a...
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Created on: 18.11.2013
Emergency Heliport
Using mobile lighting systems increases safety and efficiency of air rescue operation and tactical missions.  Our battery driven airfield lights type...
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Created on: 15.11.2013
DWT-AV-410 Solarhindernisfeuer
2 solar powered lights type DWT-AV-410 with 20 Watt SolarBooster are now used near Görlitz, Germany for lighting of a chimney.   Both failsafe...
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Created on: 16.10.2013
InterAiport DeWiTec
It was a pleasure to have you as our guest on our stand at InterAirport 2013 in Munich. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us...
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Created on: 30.05.2013
The new obstruction lighting system for the mountain chain 'Weidacher Höhe' near Stutgart Airport was delivered by DeWiTec. 9 medium intensity...
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