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Obstruction Light DWT-AV-410 now available with GSM

Monitoring via SMS and Webportal

GSM Monitoring System now available for Avlite's ICAO Low Intensity Obstruction Light Type A (LIOLA) fixture.


The GSM Monitoring System is a complete integrated module designed to allow convenient monitoring of solar powered Avlite lights using a cellular telephone and web access from remote locations that have GSM network coverage.


The solar-powered self-contained DWT-AV-410 - ICAO (Low Intensity Type A) fixture (pictured) is now available with GSM. 


The GSM Monitoring System enables the user to monitor the health of a single obstruction light fixture or an entire system across multiple locations via SMS text messaging to;
Remotely Monitor the light, and


  • Set Alarm Triggers for proactive maintenance
  • Secure Online GSM Portal


In support of our GSM Monitoring innovation, we have developed a secure online GSM portal to assist in managing obstruction light assets. Once set up, the GSM portal will provide details of the light’s operation.