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Highest Rooftop Heliport in Operation

Helipad at Augsburg Hospital

The new constructed rooftop heliport at Augsburg Hospital is the new base vor rescue helicopter Christoph 40. With an elevation of 58 meter above ground it is Germany's highest rooftop heliport / air rescue station.


The 1300 qm sized platform offers a Touchdown-and-Liftoff-Area (TLOF), an hangar as well as a parking area. It is illuminated by more than 25 halogen floodlights DWT-HS-1000. For lighting of the TLOF, 24 lights type DWT-HIN-150-MKII (green) are used. In white, the insetlight DWT-HIN-150-MKII is installed 10 times as approach light, supplemented by two elevated lights type DWT-LODO-LED-MKII. As obstruction light, the DWT-OBS-LED-S is used both as single obstruction light as well as double obstruction light.


Deploying the helicopter type EC-135 on the roof offers many advantages: In addition to an increased noise protection, all effective regulations regarding approach and departure sectors are met. An elevator that is integrated into the platform saves valuable time by transporting patients directly into the emergency room.

Heliport Augsburg TLOF
Heliport Augsburg Parking Area
Heliport Augsburg Parking Area
Rooftop Helipad Augsburg TLOF
Heliport Augsburg Wind Direction Indicator