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DWT-SP-401 Einzelhindernisfeuer
  • DWT-SP-401 Einzelhindernisfeuer
  • DWT-SP-401 Einzelhindernisfeuer
  • DWT-OBS-LED-SP-401
  • DWT-OBS-LED-SP-401

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Low Intensity Obstruction Lighting ICAO Type A


The aviation light DWT-SP-401 features various advanced functions and operation modes. These include a built in battery featuring 50 hours of operations or 14 days of stand-by. The built-in microprocessor provides protection against excessive over/discharge of the battery enable reliable operation. The lighting unit microcontroller runs self-diagnostics and provides an integrated radio module for wireless activation (built-in MESH protocol). This way, the lighting system can be activated whenever it is necessary. Autonomous operation (automatic activation / deactivation at dusk / dawn) is possible with optional solar panel Users benefit from maximum flexibility for installations due to external, optional solar panel. An additional on/off switch button allows for manual operation.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.

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