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DWT-AV-FL-SOL-RF Solar-Powered Heliport Floodlight

DeWiTec Solar LED Flutlicht
  • DeWiTec Solar LED Flutlicht
  • DeWiTec Solar LED Flutlicht
  • DeWiTec Solar LED Flutlicht Heliport
  • DeWiTec Solar LED Flutlicht Abmessungen

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Lighting of Landing and Parking Area


This solar-powered, wireless controlled LED floodlight has been specifically designed for helipads to provide uniform surface lighting where the TLOF and FATO lights need to be supplemented with floodlighting. It offers a solar-powered, LED based solution to the ICAO touchdown and lift-off area perimeter floodlights.


  • Low profile to suit industry requirements
  • High intensity, energy efficient LEDs
  • Solar powered for autonomous operation
  • Worldwide 2.4 GHz Encrypted RF Radio Control
  • User-replaceable battery


The self-contained solar powered light has an integrated solar and battery system, which means it can be installed in locations which do not have access to reticulated power - allowing safe illumination without the need to lay costly cabling or utilise generators.
Housed in a weatherproof, powder-coated Aluminum enclosure to withstand the harshest of environments, the complete assembly has a low profile of less than 25 cm and mounts to frangible points.


The LED optic is specifically designed for helipad operations and distributes the light evenly across the wide helipad surface. The angle of tilt of the LED luminaire can be easily adjusted to focus the light on the helipad to maximise illumi- nation.The optic hood further prevents potential glare to pilots upon approach. Each unit is equipped with an external charging port by default.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.

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