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Airport Niederrhein

Airport Niederrhein
  • Airport Niederrhein
  • Airport Niederrhein
  • Extension to CAT II / III
  • Installation of lighting components for RCL, TDZ, RSR, and TXC
  • during airport operation, incl. wiring and civil engineering
  • Delivery and installation of constanct current regulator DeWiTec CCR 665
  • Implementation of DeWiTec-own Control- and Monitoring System
  • DMS 2000 / CAT III


  • Delivery and installation of the complete lighting system for category CAT I    
  • Conversion of the military Airport Laarbruch to civilian Airport with adjustment of all essential systems.    
  • Delivery and installation of of the complete control- and monitoring system    
  • Approach light in inset and elevated construction    
  • Approach flashing lights    
  • Treshold and Runway End    
  • Runway Edge, elevated    
  • PAPI, Wind Direction Indicator, Obstruction Lights    
  • Regulator incl. low voltage distribution for feeding    
  • Cabling of all electrical facilities that are necessary for the air traffic    
  • (LLZ, GP, RVR, WDI, BWM, marker)    
  • Overhaul and expansion of existing power systems    
  • commutation and dismounting of existing medium voltage systems  

For detailed information about this project we are looking forward to informing you personally.