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Displaying weather and flight information


C-AS is a mobile application for IOS and Windows tablets that serves as a navigation aid for pilots combined with an electronic "flight-bag".


The application supports many functions required by pilots during flight, flight planning or after flight. The application is for pilots flying both in IFR and VFR modes, for both planes and helicopters.


Key features

Visualization of all data required by pilots like air spaces, routes, airports, navigation points, navigation aids (NAVAID) and obstacles. The data is synchronized with official databases such as EAD from Eurocontol.


Access to European flight documentation including:
• Airport maps and charts
• Taxi
• etc ..


Access to notices regarding flight operations such as NOTAM or
weather information.


Plan your route, monitor and preview your route in real time, and
record your flight.


Receive warnings on closing-in to obstacles and airspaces.


Benefits for Organizations

Add specialized databases and documentation
• Specialized and private airfields, airports, routes and characteristic points
• User documentation
• Organization documents
• Flight and machine manuals and checklists
• Private notices and messages to all pilots of organization