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DWT-Instalight 1060

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Heliport TLOF and FATO, Approach or Taxiway Edge



The DWT-Instalight 1060 is a fully encapsulated LED inset light with mounting frame.
It can be used to illuminate the landing area with glare-free, clearly visible lighting.


  • Frameless, can be lined up in series
  • Energy efficient and low-maintenance
  • 344 mm and 1000 mm models
  • Can be walked and driven over
  • Monochrome or RGB color


The lights can be lined up to form continuous liens of any length. This even form of lighting makes the contours of the heliport landing area clearly visible.
The LED strips are available in different models in monochrome white or blue as well as RGB-LEDs (red- green-blue), which enable almost any color to be produced.
For example, green can be used for TLOF lighting, or blue for marking out parking positions.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.



CDS Casting Compound

Concrete joint sealing compound for mounting of bases in asphalt and bituminous pavements. 8 kg package. Solvent-Free.  

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