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DWT-TXS-LED Taxiway and Runway Guidance sign

DWT-TXS-LED Rollverkehrhinweisschild
  • DWT-TXS-LED Rollverkehrhinweisschild
  • DWT-TXS-LED Rollverkehrhinweisschild
  • DWT-TXS-LED Rollverkehrhinweisschild
  • DWT-TXS-LED Rollverkehrhinweisschild

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Taxi Guidance


The constant light intensity and consistent colouring of the DWT-TXS LED make sure all necessary infor- mation is displayed accurately. Uniform lighting ensures excellent readability. High levels of operational efficiency and low maintenance needs lead to low running costs. Benefit from the advantages of LED technology combined with a robust passive electronic converter for your taxiway guidance systems.


Versions available for your taxiways and runways

  • Operational guidance signs
  • Mandatory instructions signs
  • Special equipment


Failsafe reliability
The LEDs are fixed on holder modules which can easily be exchanged for servicing (by removing four screws and using tool-free connectors). The holder modules for the signs are all compatible with each other so any defect signs can easily be put back into operation. The converters are based on inductivity using passive electronic components.

The converter generates the electrical parameters needed to operate the LEDs from the current series circuit. If any faults arise the converter components can be accessed and exchanged individually. Unexpected performance caused by differing currents in series circuits and complex electronics is thus eliminated. The DWT-TXS can therefore be operated reliably with maximum safeguards against breakdowns.


Reliable components compliant with regulations

Component selection
All components comply with regulations and have been selected and adapted according to the individual requirements of airport technology. Particular attention is paid to reliability, convenience of operation, efficiency and environmental-friendliness.


Easy maintenance
The front panel can be completely removed for maintenance without the need for tools. Edges are round- ed for convenient handling. On the front the housing is canted inwards by 20 mm and is fitted with a rubber seal to stop any moisture entering.

The sign has 2 x 2 cable entry glands which are either fitted with cable glands – right or left – or ventilation plugs. These have a screw attachment on one side while the other side has ventilation plugs using Goretex to ensure the housing is well-ventilated. The support poles are provided with a black end cap made of hard plastic.



The signs are mounted on poles. Rails on the back panel enable the horizontal distance between the poles to be varied by approx 100 mm. The outer poles each have cable glands (long slot 30 mm width) 50 mm below half the height of the mounting pole. The assembly can include frangible connections and base plates.



High performance foils are applied in a multi-layer process to ensure they are protected from UV light. The dimensions of the lettering are compliant with ICAO


The housing comprises an aluminium frame construction with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. This is given a powder coating of between 60 μm and 90 μm. Weather durability and colour fastness are guaranteed for at least 10 years. All fittings and fasteners are made of stainless steel.


Front panel
The front plate is made of robust Makrolon® (polycarbonat). This high-tech plastic has particularly high transparency and impact resistance levels. It also provides a perfectly even surface structure and is not susceptible to scratching.


DWT-TXS LED fulfills and exceeds the values demanded for light intensity and distribution according to ICAO Annex 14. In particular, the light to dark ratio is better than 1:3 at all points.