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DWT-EL-EAM Omnidirection Medium-Intensity Elevated Light

DWT-EL-EAM Rundumstrahlendes Mittelleistungs-Überflurfeuer

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Taxiway and Apron Edge


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DWT-TSS Daylightcone

Aluminum. Red-White powder-coated. UV-durable. Incl assembly bracket. Ømax = 310 mm. 
Sollbruchkupplung Mittel

Frangible Coupling 2"

Höhe = 100 mm. Ømax = 60 mm. 2" NPS oder 2" BSP Gewinde. Gelb.

Base Plate with 2" (NPS oder BSP) Thread

Ømax = 165 mm. Øholes = 120 mm. Aluminium. Yellow powder-coated. With earthing crimping termina.

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