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DWT-SAGA Heliport Approach Azimuth Guidance

DWT-SAGA Installation
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Heliport Approach Azimuth Guidance


Additions of red filters (as an option) provide the SAGA (System of Azimuth Guidance for Approach) system the option of emitting red flashes corresponding to fly exclusion zones due to obstacles.


  • Combined signal of approach azimuth guidance and threshold identification
  • Efficiency : Coupled with a PAPI, the SAGA system provides the pilot with the safety and the comfort of an ”Optical ILS”

In order to maintain operation even in very cold and/or wet areas,
the light units of the SAGA are equipped with heat resistors.
The SAGA guarantees safe operation: The system is automatically stopped when as soon as one of its light units is out of service.
A signal is available for monitoring this default status in the control room. Therre is very easy access to the lamp and all terminals.
No special tools are required.


The two light units of a SAGA system must be instal- led symmetrically at 10 metres from the runway edge on both sides (for the TLOF the two units must be installed as close as possible to the threshold edges). The Master Unit must be installed on the right of the threshold and the Slave Unit on the left.


The SAGA system includes two Light Units (one Master and one Slave) placed symmetrically on both sides of the runway (or TLOF) threshold supplying unidirectional rotating beams which give a flashing effect.
The pilot receives an optical signal (flash) from both light units every second:
When the aircraft flies within a 9° wide sector, centred on the approach axis, the pilot sees the two lights flashing simultaneously.


When the aircraft flies within a 30° wide sector, centred on the approach axis and outside the previous one, the pilot sees the two lights “flashing” with a variable delay (60 to 330 ms) according to the position of the aircraft in the sector.
The further the aircraft is from the axis, the greater the delay. The delay between the two “flashes” produces a sequence effect which shows the direction of the axis. - The visual signal is not visible when the aircraft flies outside the 30° angular sector.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.

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