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DWT-FloodLed 4400 LED Floodlight

DWT-FloodLed-4400 LED Strahler
  • DWT-FloodLed-4400 LED Strahler
  • DWT-FloodLed-4400 Abmessungen
  • Beleuchtung Hubschrauberlandeplatz
  • Beleuchtung Hubschrauberlandeplatz

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DWT-FloodLed 4400 LED T.L.O.F. & F.A.T.O. Illumination Parking Area Illumination



The FloodLed 4400 is specially designed for helicopter landing sites. The emitted light renders the conturs of the ground - no matter whether it is plain concrete or painted with reflectorized paint.


  • State-of-the art LED floodlight
  • Simplified fixing
  • Excellent photometric performance achieved by high-power LEDs with optics
  • High optical stability


FloodLed 4400 renders the real colors of ground thanks to white high power LEDs (6500K).
The use of FloodLed 4400 saves about 79 % of electricity compared to a standard halogen floodlight and guarantees a very long lifetime.
Very high power LED are combined with high efficiency optics.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.


Bodenplatte (M20 Gewinde)

Base Plate (M20)

Øout = 165 mm. Øholes = 150 mm. Thread M20. Yellow.
DWT-LBR-24-480 Regler

DWT-LBR-24-480 Power Supply

PWM regulation. Input 230 VAC, Output 24 VDC. Power 480W. Brightness 10%, 30%, 100% or linear.

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