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University Hospital Aachen

Heliport University Hospital Aachen
  • Heliport University Hospital Aachen
  • Heliport University Hospital Aachen
  • Heliport University Hospital Aachen
  • Heliport University Hospital Aachen

The entirely new built elevated heliport platform at the university hospital in Aachen fulfills all effective regulations of the Eu according to heliport operation and approaches by SAR-Services.

Due to its architecture it is also known as the „saving hand“ in the region. The platform features one Touchdown and Liff-Off Area including complete lighting system as well as a separated parking area, which is illuminated by powerful halogen floodlights. Therefore, it is guaranteed that two helicopters can service the heliport at the same time.

An inclided elevator establishes a direct con- nection to the resuscitation rooms of the emergency departement and the nerby OR-Rooms.


Heliport University Hospital Aachen
  • Geographical Location: N 50° 77,65 E 006° 04,39
  • 1,5 NM west of city center
  • Heliport category: H1
  • Maximum Take-Off weight: 7,5 t
  • Elevation above sea level: 234 m
  • Height above ground: 14,5 m
Christoph Europe 1
  • Type: Eurocopter EC 135
  • Registration: E-EHHI
  • Base: Merzbrück Airport (EDKA)
  • Operator: ADAC Luftrettung (SAR / Air Rescue)
  • Missions in 2012: 2238 (Place 1 in Deutschland)

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