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DWT-WA Wind Direction Indicator

DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
  • DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
  • DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
  • DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger
  • DWT-WA Winrichtungsanzeiger

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Indication of winddirection for pilots


the DWt-WA Wind Direction Indicator can be installed optimally in the visual field of all approaching and departing pilots due to its many mounting possibilities.


  • Clear indication of wind direction
  • Resistant wind sock cover
  • Zinc-coated pole
  • Wall bracket or tilting mechanism enables installation at every facility


Four spotlights illuminate the wind cone for clear recognition in darkness.



  • Tilting Pedestal for flat roof / floor
  • Aluminum mast 3500x80 mm
  • Upper mast Alu 1000 mm
  • Halogen spotlights 150 W
  • Lamp
  • Wind Cone Cover 400x2500 mm
  • Wind Cone Cage 400 mm
  • Obstacle Warning Light


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.

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