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DWT-AEL-TXE Low- / Medium-Intensity Elevated Light

  • DWT-LODO-LED-MKII Abmessungen

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Taxiway / Apron Edge Low Intensity and Runway Edge Low Intensity


The low and medium intensity airfield lighting is for airfields/airports which don’t have any precision approach equipment. Thanks to this system, the pilots are able to get into visual contact during the different approach- phases: downwind, base-leg and final approach.



  • EcoLed LED Lamp
  • Long life: 60,000 hours
  • Simple but sturdy design
  • Better luminous flux achieved by special colored glass dome for LED
  • Easy installation and maintenance

The aluminium body and tempered glass exclude all the disagreements of synthetic products (plastic, PMMA). These materials keep their physical properties in all climate conditions (high and very low temperature). Sealing is guaranteed by a tested system of O-rings. The use of titanium for frangible tubes guarantees the resistance to the jet blast and to frangibility in extreme conditions. The selected high power LEDs are made by the world leader of the field. So they guarantee an exemplary
output and a long life-time.
The extraordinary quality and reliability of all our range are due to the particular care in manufacturing and to many tests done during the manufacturing procedure.


For detailed technical information please refer to our pdf-datasheet or product catalogue.


Bodenplatte (M20 Gewinde)

Base Plate (M20)

Øout = 165 mm. Øholes = 150 mm. Thread M20. Yellow.

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